Teens Speak Out During Alcohol Awareness Month

East Texas high school students are helping to spread the word about potential alcohol dangers.  They're visiting school campuses, trying to discourage younger kids from drinking.

County All Star Heather Rice said, "They get it from parents; they get it from older siblings who get it from friends that are older."

www.buzzfreeprom.com  is a web site where students can pledge to be drug and alcohol free.  It also has other incentives.

"My friends have registered and I have registered," Rice said.  "They're real interested in it because you do get a lot of discounts and it just makes you feel better about yourself.  I think a lot of people will end up registering for it."

A new report shows more than a third of kids ages 12 to 17 drank alcohol in the past year.  The study also shows students who drink are more likely to fight, steal or commit some other crime.

Sheila Adams of the Chamber Coalition for a Better Community said, "Alcohol use is also related to delinquent behaviors.  These studies show that more students are younger that are starting to drink, and the younger you start drinking, you can become more dependent on alcohol as an adult."

And adults who give their kids alcohol to discourage underage drinking with friends are asking for trouble.  Not only with their child's future, but also with the law.

April 7th is Alcohol Screening Day.  If you're 18 or older, you can assess your alcohol use at www.nationalalcoholscreeningday.org.  You can also call 877-311-NASD.