Pope Remembered In Many Ways

The Vatican has closed the doors of St. Peter's Basilica bringing an end to four days of visits by people from around the world paying their last respects to the Pope. From the millions in Rome to the ones who fill sanctuaries here at home, even Catholic priests wonder what calls them.

Father James Young, with Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Nacogdoches comments, "Why are all these people coming? Some don't even go to church, you know. They're all coming and they say we just feel this is what we need to do and that's what I'm seeing from the people who come in here--it seems to be maybe worldwide."

Pat Harris lights a candle for the Pope. She doesn't mourn his passing, but rejoices that he was here as long as he was. "He was a man who walked the talk and he's making me walk the talk. He had every opportunity to play politics. Every opportunity to bend, but he had a belief that he went straight for it. I have beliefs I'm going to use. He's been a model for me," shared Harris.

Lorine Coussons proudly displays something that means much more to her since the Pope's death. "That's the picture the group from Sacred Heart that was there last March." Coussons remembers the privilege of being close to the Pope. "We were within a few feet of him. We had an invitation among the other 100's that were there," recalled Coussons.

Ms Coussons came back with a blessed necklace she wears everyday. Ms Harris has a divine mentor and Father Young learns from his churches' spiritual pastor, yet not forgetting who Pope John Paul II followed. "First we look to Christ. He was the example John Paul looked to, Christ. I look to Christ as the example. John Paul lived it and I try to live it."

Memorial services continue through April 11th at most Catholic churches in the area.