No Child Left Behind Law - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

04/07/05 - Lufkin

No Child Left Behind Law

by Jessica Cervantez

A change in how the "No Child Left Behind" law is enforced could affect millions of students across the nation. The Department of Education plans to give certain states more freedom on how they can test students with certain disabilities.

East Texas teachers are doing whatever they can to make sure there is "no child left behind."

Lufkin Middle School Principal Vicki Evans said, "We're making sure we're making progress educationally with every child no matter what the race is or the disability."

Under the latest plan, states that can prove progress or a strong commitment to improve will be the ones considered for some new flexibility in the no child left behind law.

Evans said, "To test every child at an appropriate level no matter if they are taking the TAKS or the state developed alternative assessment test for children with disabilities, so that we can have a baseline and we can measure growth, which is what we want to happen is every child is getting better."

A major goal of the law is to close the gap between white and minority students.

Evans said, "We are narrowing the gap between minorities and we're also working hard to get children with disabilities included in getting the same instruction as children taking the TAKS."

Principal Evans knows, no matter what the plan says, improving test scores is hard work. Students, teachers, and parents all have to work together to make that happen.

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