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Gift of Love: Zane, Josh and Cole

Zane, Josh and Cole are looking for the Gift of Love Zane, Josh and Cole are looking for the Gift of Love
Zane wants to be adopted Zane wants to be adopted
Josh wants to be adopted Josh wants to be adopted
Cole wants to be adopted Cole wants to be adopted
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It was an afternoon of bouncing around for brothers Zane, Josh and Cole at iJump. This high energy trio hopes to find an active family to call their own.

Zane is 8 years old and the youngest of the 3.  This 3rd grader says he is smart and good at sports. 

As for his future, Zane would like to be, maybe a scientist," Zane said.

Zane is a sweet and talkative boy.  He thinks of himself as a happy and funny kid.  Zane is very active and likes to draw as well. 

"If it's not muddy outside, I like to go outside but if it is muddy outside then I just find toys to play with or find something to do," Zane said.

He loves going on outings and really enjoys camps in the Summer time.     He hopes to go to Hurricane Harbor with his forever family.  Zane likes to go out to eat and read books.  He also likes video games.

"My favorite game is Madden NFL," Zane said.

He also says it's important for them to go to church with their family.

"Because I get to learn about God and what is going on in the Bible," Zane said.

10-year-old Joshua, who goes by Josh, is in the 4th grade.  Josh says he would love to have his own dog some day. He's also big into sports.

"Football, basketball and baseball," Josh said.

And when Josh is not playing sports he likes to watch them.

"The Minnesota Vikings for football. the Spurs for Basketball," Josh said.

Josh is a friendly and outgoing boy.  He does well in school and looks forward to serving the community some day.
"A police officer," Josh said.

He likes to be friends with everyone and be the center of attention.  Josh hopes to find a family that will keep them on the go.

"Go to Chuck E. Cheese and I like to go to CiCi's," Josh said.

Then there is the oldest of this brother trio, 11-year-old Cole.  He is very active and Cole loves playing football.  He hopes he can make a career out of it. 

"An NFL Player. And what else? An Artist," Cole said.

Cole says he loves to draw.  Since being in care, Cole has learned how to have fun and be a kid.  He is a very smart child and has big dreams. 

"Play football," Cole said.

And his favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks. Cole is close to his siblings and tends to want to take care of them. 

"We have hot wheels and we play with those," Cole said.

It's important to all three that they stay together. 

"Mom and Dad, I want to live in the city. I want to have energetic parents," Cole said.

"Because I want to have a particular home and not just move around," Josh said.

"Because we were born together and I want to keep that the same," Zane said.

A home with much patience and understanding and most importantly a family that can show Zane, Josh and Cole the Gift of Love.

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