Man injured when tree falls on Jasper Co. mobile home

Man injured when tree falls on Jasper Co. mobile home

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - In Jasper County, a man was taken to the hospital after a tree fell on a mobile home late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning after severe weather hammered Deep East Texas.

According to a Jasper County dispatcher, a tree fell on a trailer in the community of Browndell.  Andrew Isaac, 29, was taken out of the trailer and taken to a Beaumont  hospital. He had been pinned under the tree for over an hour and his uncle, Bill Bailey said he is going to be OK.

There are also reports that trees are down along the roadway on FM 252. A car went off the road on FM 1013 and went through a fence.

A quick drive down US 96 in Jasper County and it is easy to see the impact from the early morning storms.

For Brookeland resident Brandy Scott, it might have just been straight-line winds, but the fear of a tornado was real.

"It sounded like a tornado," Scott said. "It sounded like a bad tornado. I almost thought it was. It's a jump-in-the-closet tornado. I mean it was really bad."

Scott is lucky. The tree outside of her home barely missed her house. Instead, crashing through the storage building.

"It didn't seem like thunder and lightning," Scott said. "It was just a big heavy gust of wind that tore everything up. I consider myself pretty lucky. Pretty lucky it didn't fall on my house. You see all those up there. It could have been worse.">

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