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04/08/05 - Lufkin

Taking A Look At School Security

by Jessica Cervantez

A high school football coach from Canton is still in critical condition after being shot by the father of one of his players Thursday. The shooting is bringing increased attention to school security all over East Texas. That is because the coach was shot in his school office.

Jay Jost, the Lufkin High School resource officer, is surprised to hear what happened. The shooting in Canton, is hitting close to home for him. He has three children attending Lufkin High School and he hopes and trusts the school will do everything possible to keep them safe.

Jost said, "Teachers are always out keeping an eye on the kids who are walking the halls."

It may seem like the halls are empty at times, but that's wrong. There are 95 cameras placed all over the campus that keep an eye on the students 24 hours a day.

Longtime educators know school safety is a big responsibility. The methods used in schools are much more high tech than they used to be, tut these safeguards can only be effective with a lot of outside help.

Mike Moses, a former Dallas superintendent, said it's not only the school's responsibility.  Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Even with all the security measures now in place at Lufkin High, Officer Jost knows the school can only do so much to prevent trouble.

Lufkin High School has had a crisis management plan in place for several years now. He says everyone knows their duties if they ever need to implement the plan.

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