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04/08/05 - Nacogdoches

Woman Accused Of Felony Theft

by Donna McCollum

Stephanie Van Dyke is out on a $60,000 bond after an emotional arraignment. She's broken the trust she once had with many people, but the trust of her husband, now a Nacogdoches school police officer, remains. The two were united in Friday's court proceeding.

Stephanie Van Dyke came out in tears after her booking at the Nacogdoches County Jail. Her husband, a police officer, understands the necessary procedure, but this one was far from routine. "There is no mercy" said Ken Van Dyke upon discovering the media's presence.  Church friends provided their support.

From the other side, forgiveness may be difficult for the victim, Anderson Record Service. For thirteen years the 38-year old mother of two young children kept the books for Anderson Records. According to the original complaint she's accused of stealing more than $211,000 beginning in 1998. Boxes of old checks and other accounting records sit waiting for further review.

Officer Greg Sowell said, "This case is not closed. That figure alleged in the complaint is subject to change." Significantly, according to sources close to the case.

Investigators say there's no indication Ken Van Dyke was involved in stealing the money. Police officers acknowledge their closeness with their former co-worker. "Certainly we all have feelings and we're all human. However, we all have a job to do and this job will be done," said Sowell.

Kevin Anderson, co-owns Anderson Record Service with his wife Stephanie. They are not commenting on the case. They only say it's an unfortunate event.

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