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Gift of Love: Jordyn

Jordyn hopes to be adopted. Jordyn hopes to be adopted.
Flower arranging at Moss Flower arranging at Moss
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It was an afternoon of colorful flowers and fun as Jordyn created her own flower arrangement at Moss. This 14-year-old is very friendly and fun-loving. She loves to laugh, but can be very serious too. In fact, when she grows up, Jordyn says she really wants to be a Neonatologist.

"I've had an interested with helping babies for a long time. Especially, if they have disorders or disabilities. It makes me want to help them out a lot," Jordyn said.

This 8th grader hopes to one day pursue her undergrad degree at the University of Texas. Jordyn does very well in school and loves to read all kinds books. 

"I pretty much read all day every day," Jordyn said.

Jordyn likes the Maze Runner Series and also Nicholas Sparks books the most. 
She also likes to build and create things.

"I play with like Legos. I'm a Lego fan. I like to build. I was going to be an architect but I kind of had an interest in Neonatology," Jordyn said.

As for her 3 wishes, Jordyn goes with practical instead of unattainable dreams.

"I would like to find a loving family for number 1, number 2 is to complete high school and got to college. And the third one would be to own my own business if I can not get into Neonatology," Jordyn said.

Jordyn hopes find a family that likes to do things together like go out to eat, go to church and travel. She looks forward to the possibility of seeing new and interesting places.  

"I wanted to go to Hawaii to look at the volcano's and study there.  Because it's a very nice place and I watched the movie Soul Surfer so it got me interested too," Jordyn said.

Jordyn needs a family that can provide for her needs and help in her journey through the rest of childhood. She would also like brothers and sisters.
"I would like a family with a mom and a dad. Out in the country with animals. And little kids and older kids so I could be in the middle," Jordyn said.

But most importantly Jordyn needs a family to show her the Gift of Love.

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