Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 05/05/16

Jack-in-the-Box at 1903 West Frank: 13 demerits for general clean needed of floor drain under bread rack, sandwich grill machine needed to be cleaned, damaged food containers needed to be removed, seal to walk-in freezer needed to be repaired, ceiling vent near walk-in cooler needed to be repaired, food in reach-in freezer needed lids to prevent contact with cooler surfaces, women's restroom trash can needed lid, and food handler certification not up to date.

Flamingo Bingo at 3001 North Medford Drive: 8 demerits for cabinets over hand sink needed to be repaired, raw eggs stored underneath ready-to-eat food, ice scoop in machine needed to be cleaned, areas under fryer, soda fountain machine, and behind the freezer in the dry storage room, and food cart and containers in dry storage room by freezer needed to be cleaned.