Active Great Dane mix ready to love forever family

Active Great Dane mix ready to love forever family
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - He's fun, friendly, and really fast. He's Bo, a one and a half year old Great Dane mix that's full of energy.

"He's super friendly, and likes to play," said executive director at Winnie Berry Humane Society, Mike Stephens. "He's going to need somebody that's got some land for him to run on."

Bo recently lost his home due to an unfortunate situation.

"They discovered that Bo can get over a six-foot-tall fence," Stephens said. "He is a hurdler and climber."

If you have a place that can fit Bo's personality and size, then he'll make the perfect pet.

His personality and size match his affection for the people he loves the most. Bo isn't always being silly though he sometimes just want kick back.

"He needs a place that he'll be able to get to his owners and see them because he is very attached to his people," Stephens said.

Bo is an energetic loving dog, whose favorite game is fetch. With all of his active qualities Bo can fit in with just about any type of personality.

"Bo can be with an individual, or he can be with a family," Stephens said. "He needs to be at a place where he can get attention because he's really going to be looking for that. He's going to be looking to be close to his folks."

If you're interested in adopting these pups, contact the Winnie Berry Humane Society at (936) 639-1880.

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