Prom Night Drinking

It's prom night, and for many seniors it's the last chance to have a night out with their friends before graduation. Unfortunately for TABC Agent Jeff Taylor, some seniors see it as a time to get drunk with friends.

Taylor said, "a lot of times, I'll just sit up and follow the crowd, see where the crowd is going. Because 9 times out of 10 where the crowd's going, that's where the party's going to be."

We followed Taylor after Saturday night's Lufkin Prom to see what happens at the after party. What we found was shocking and should serve as a wake up call to parents.

At a local hotel, we scoped out teens going in and out of a room. Taylor says when checking out hotels, you never know what you'll find.

Taylor said, "a couple of years ago we found they had rented adjoining rooms at a hotel and had filled the bathtub completely full with all sorts of alcohol."

Later in the night, Taylor spotted some cars parked in a church parking lot. Suspicious about why, he checked it out and found quite a bit of alcoholic drinks.

"Stop lying right now. You knew it was back there. Your dad ain't bought it because it'd been hot by now," said Taylor while speaking with a 17-year-old boy who was dressed like he just came from prom.

He received a ticket for a minor in possession. All the alcohol was confiscated and he'll now have to go to court over the incident, with his parents watching.

Taylor said, "better we take it from you here than we come back and get it from you later on when we pick you up off the road."

What started out as a night of fun at the prom, ended with a ticket, and the disappointed parents that will have to hear about it later.

Our trip with Taylor was over but his night was just beginning. He says he was out busting people like this all night, trying to make sure they don't drink, and get home safe.