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San Augustine Boys and Girls Club gets visit from ETX native, NFL player

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The children of the Boys and Girls Club of San Augustine had a prominent visitor at their annual awards dinner. NFL player, Jorvorskie Lane, reached back into the community by coming back home to instill some valuable lessons into the children.

It's a club that Jorvorskie Lane has a heartfelt connection to. 

"I was involved in the Boys and Girls Club myself, so I know how important it is to see a male figure come in," Lane said.  

As the crowd gathered to give awards to those deserving and raise money for the organization, Lane offered simple words of advice to many boys who aspire to grace the football field on a professional level just as he did for as long as he can remember. 

"It was a career day about what you wanted to be 20 years from now, and I drew Jacoby Shepherd. I knew what I wanted to be and nothing could stop me," Lane said.  

Lane shared his struggles with academics as an adolescent along with the importance of education regardless of the childrens' dream professions. 

"Sports can only take you so far, and I think it's important for kids to know their weaknesses at an early age. If I did there's no telling where I would be," Lane said.  

"I really was surprised when he told us we need to do our work before anything," said Larry Clifton, member of the Boys and Girls Club.  

The words of wisdom didn't fall on deaf ears coming from an East Texan. It was an up close and personal example of accomplishing goals that often seem impracticable. 

"It helps me stay in school and do my work better before I go to play football," Clifton said. 

The values were instilled in Lane back in Lufkin. He said he doesn't think twice about reaching back and giving back though he's living the dream. 

"I feel good about it because that's a good thing for him to tell us his story," Clifton said. 

Lane and other organizations helped to rack up the numbers in the auction to raise money. The club estimates they raised over $10,000. 

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