East Texans Recover From Overnight Storms

Vera Calvert Office Manager KSWP/KABX
Vera Calvert Office Manager KSWP/KABX

The sign in front of Calvary Chapel Full Gospel on Highway 69 North was nearly blown away by Sunday night's bad weather. In more than 30 years, it's the only time the sign has ever been damaged by a storm.

Vera Calvert of KSWP and KABX said, "It was a bit unnerving to me because I was in my truck and it was moving."

A house in the 400 block of Bynum in Lufkin was gutted by a fire. Firefighters say the fire started when a bolt of lightning caused a power surge.

Lightning strikes and blown away signs aren't the only storm damage in Angelina county. Ben Williams had two huge trees knocked down in his yard.

"I'm just glad they didn't hit the house or the pickup truck or the shed or anything else," Williams said.

Ben's grateful he didn't get hurt, but any amount of storm damage is a big inconvenience for a homeowner. Like many other storm victims, he says the next step is cleaning up the mess and getting his power restored.