Donations pour in after parvo outbreak at Polk Co. shelter

Donations pour in after parvo outbreak at Polk Co. shelter
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - This was the scene just five weeks ago, days after a deadly parvo outbreak killed 15 dogs.

"Devastated; there is no other word for it," said Carl Feren, executive director of SPCA of Polk County.

About 12 of the remaining pups were kept in makeshift quarantine facilities until every ounce of space was cleaned.

It was an unbelievable tragedy, one of they have since overcome.

"We haven't had any more parvo outbreaks, thank God," said Steve Davis, with animal services and SPCA of Polk County.

They have had, however, tons of support, coming from all over Texas including from one unlikely source.

"Two boxes from UPS, opened them up and turned out to be a home photo studio system," Davis said.

That gift, courtesy of Purina, all came after someone heard the Livingston shelter's story.

"It's a Nikon DX 3200 professional-level camera with a zoom lens. I mean, there's no way we can afford anything like this," Feren said.

The shelter, which thrives solely off of donations, now able to take better pictures of their dogs and cats with this setup, including everything from professional lighting to even a prop pillow for the animal's close-up.

"In the past, most of our pictures were like this here or out on the grass. With this new system, we'll be able to take pictures like these that actually highlight the animal and not the background," Feren said.

It's a random act of generosity that folks here say they won't soon forget.

"We just can't tell you how much we appreciate the donations. It's just overwhelming," Davis said.

Animals at the SPCA of Polk County still need to be adopted. If you're interested, contact the shelter at (936) 327-7722.

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