Prank Could Lead To Felony Charges

Kim Shilling Glass Repair Employee
Kim Shilling Glass Repair Employee

There are plenty of upset automobile and business owners in Nacogdoches. Someone shot out the windows of their cars and shops, causing them inconvenience and costing them a lot of money. If the weekend pranksters are caught, they'll be in a 'lot' of trouble.

The only ones who come out ahead when windows are shot out with b-b guns or pellet guns are the glass companies. Autos line up for new windows at Renfro Glass. Bright and early, Kim Shilling with Eastex Glass and Mirror began getting lots of orders from all over town. "I know Northview Plaza was one of them. Some people from Lowes. Some people at their own homes had the same."

In all, more than 20 complaints. At least three from businesses. Rent-A-Center is replacing their big window before it starts cracking. Their neighbor, Pearson's Furniture, is choosing to wait on replacing three windows. Johnson Furniture on Main Street has no choice. The entire picture window shattered and is temporarily covered by plywood. The window costs about $2,000.

Officer Greg Sowell explained, "We aggregate the amount of the property damaged. We aggregate all the cases, and they're combined into one, which will easily make a felony criminal mischief."

This prank is costly when you consider the man hours involved by police and victims. Dustin Jones, sales manager for Rent-A-Center said, "It causes employees like ourselves time because we have to stop and make time out of our day. It's very costly. It's not just windows that costs."

Whoever caused all these problems could end up paying for it with a jail sentence. Investigators say a dark colored GMC or Dodge pickup was seen following one of the shootings. Three or four white males were inside, who appeared to be teenagers.

If you have any information about the shootings call Nacogdoches Police or Crimestoppers at 560-INFO.