Dancing Doberman determined to find loving home

Dancing Doberman determined to find loving home
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Go Ebony, go! After a three month stay at Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, she's hoping to dance her way into your heart and home.

"I want to say she's one of the longest ones that's been here in a while," said Esmeralda Nicolas, Animal Services Officer at Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.

The 11-month old first checked in back in February …

"We want to give all these animals a chance to find a home, a perfect home that they deserve," Nicolas said.

And that all starts with love. Ebony has plenty to give: you should, too.

"A very active family, I would say. I would say older kids," Nicolas said.

But no other pets please! This is one girl who wants to be the queen of her castle.

And let's not forget this distinct characteristic.

"She has a little bob tail. I love bob tails, they're so cute," Nicolas said.

Not to worry though, the stubby feature is perfectly normal for Ebony's breed.

Ebony's adoption fee is $30. If you're interested in taking her home, contact the folks at Kurth at this number: (936) 633-0218.

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