5/12/16 Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches

Frog's, 1507 North St.: 19 demerits for use-by date need on dip, paper towels and soap needed next to all handwash sinks, keep back doors closed, re-label spray bottle, keep ice scoops in clean areas.

Tacos Dona Pancha, 112 West Seale St.: 14 demerits for keep onions and buckets of food stored off floor, need backflow preventer for ouside hose, do not block access path to handwash sink, label spray bottle.

Chicken Express, 1614 North University Drive: 14 demerits for discarded fish and chicken strips, do not block handwash sink access, keep cap on bleach, improper wastewater disposal.

Crockpot Annie's, 1008 East Main: 10 demerits for discarded eggs, keep handwash sink empty, provide thermometers for all coolers.

Depot Chevron, 428 West Main: Nine demerits for keep handwash sink access path unimpeded, paper towels needed for handwash sink, cap needed on liquid detergent.

Taco Bell, 1605 North St.: Nine demerits for keep handwash sink, provide thermometers for all coolers and freezers, replace one spatula.

Flashback Cafe, 109 Wettermark: Seven demerits for keep boxes of food stored off freezer floor, label spray bottle.

Quick Way, 1000 East Main St.: Seven demerits for use-by dates needed on cooler sandwiches, provide thermometer for milk cooler.

Posado's Cafe, 1315 North St.: Seven demerits for discarded one buttermilk, re-label spray bottles.

Butcher Boy's, 603 North St.: Six demerits for soap and towels needed at handwash sink up front, replace one knife.

Clear Springs Restaurant, 211 Old Tyler Rd.: Three demerits for replace one spatula.

McDonald's, 1717 North St.: Three demerits for provide thermometer for small reach in freezer.

McDonald's Walmart location, 4810 North St.: No demerits.

Nacogdoches Senior Center, 626 Harris: No demerits.

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