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04/12/05 - Woden

Poultry Grower Recalls Life With Escaped Convict

by Stuart Burson

Some still find it hard to imagine that Randolph Dial hid from federal authorities for eleven years. All the while, keeping the woman he'd kidnapped by his side.

Debra Grace says she was the first person Bobbi Parker called once the FBI had her safely out of Dial's hands. When Debra first heard the true story about the former employees at her poultry farm near Woden, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I was like, going, 'oh my gosh!' I just couldn't believe that it was unfolding like that, it was so unbelievable, it was just an unbelievable story, but I totally believe it and still do."

She says Parker did most of the labor on the farm, while Dial, who was jokingly called "Hobby Bobby" worked on his art and other projects.

"She never did tell me anything... I just assumed she was an abused wife. That's how she appeared to me. Was real beaten and kicked and kind of abused, mentally as well as physically. She never spoke about anything, nothing personal, nothing about her past."

Debra says it was a relationship of control.

Now, Debra shows off some of Dial's artwork that he gave to her. One piece is even signed with his alias while he was on the run... Richard Deahl.

Debra believes the two left Woden for Shelby County because as she put it, Dial didn't like the fact that Bobbi Parker was happy at her poultry farm.

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