Christian Women's and Men's Job Corps celebrated graduating their largest class

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It was a special night for the Christian Men's and Women's Job Corps who had their largest graduating class ever. Each graduate gave an emotional speech high-lighting their new found faith, bonds, and growth. These new grads are now looking to help others improve their lives.

There were speeches, smiles, and tears of joy.

"I was just very overwhelmed. I've never experienced anything like this. To have so much support. The volunteers are just amazing," said Tanya Land, a graduate.

"I took away more confidence and a stronger sense of who I am in Jesus Christ," said Paula Dye, a graduate.

Expressions of growth and gratitude were heard at the graduation with more graduates to finish than ever.

"I wouldn't be able to do it without this program, and I'm so blessed to have all the ladies in my life and just to be supported by the community," Land said.

The bond and lessons learned were evident as each graduate delivered a speech.

"Sisterhood! The other classmates, the teachers, the volunteers, just the bond we built together, the sense of support I received from this ministry," Dye said.

They shared their future goals which have been expanded by a workshop providing them with new skills. A PowerPoint made by the graduates played at the end of the ceremony. Computer skills were one of the things the graduates gained.

"I just needed help in every aspect of my life. I found it!" Dye said.

With new insights and new relationships with God, each graduate thanked volunteers for helping them to become better people.

"Because of them, I've changed. I've found God, a new sisterhood, and I'm so blessed," Land said.

Each graduate put in effort and dedication, built a sister and brotherhoods, will and take away skills for success and hearts filled with the spirit of the Lord.

"I can look to my future with more hope and confidence and not listen to that lie that I can't, because now, I know I can," Dye said.

Almost each and every graduate gave a special shout-out to the volunteers who they said cooked the best food. The program is able to happen with 99% of participants being volunteers. 

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