Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Quantum credit card theft?

From Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers

LUFKIN, TX  (News Release) - Credit card fraud crimes have become so common that we hardly pay attention. That's unfortunate because these crimes impact all over lives through higher prices, higher fees, and increasingly inconvenient security measures. Fortunately, video often is available when a credit card is fraudulently used in a physical store and that increases the likelihood of identifying the criminal.

This week's Crime of the Week video is part of a unique credit card fraud case.

The highlights of the case are the same as most; the victim's card issuer saw unusual transactions and contacted the victim, the victim denied making the charges, and the victim reported the crime to the police department. Simple, right? Well, that's where the case makes a slight turn.

The victim lives in Brenham but the fraudulent transactions occurred in Lufkin while the victim was in Freeport and in possession of the credit card. That's commonplace for online purchases but not what investigators typically see at brick and mortar businesses.

To determine whether quantum mechanics or fraud are responsible for the credit card being in two places at once, the investigator needs to identify the suspect; and for that he needs your help.

According to the investigator, the purchases were made by a white, possible Hispanic or Asian, male wearing a black and gray jacket, red and black polo, and a black baseball cap with a yellow letter R on its front. The store's video of the suspect is low resolution but portions of it are posted at

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