Trinity County authorities issue warning for underage drinking during prom, graduation season

Trinity County authorities issue warning for underage drinking during prom, graduation season
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The celebration is on for those seniors partying after prom and still to come, graduation. One East Texas law enforcement agency went ahead and issued  a warning to those planning to participate in underage drinking.

Prom, graduation, and the festivities that take place after the dances and after the hats are thrown are those moments students never forget.

"Prom is a big thing for high school kids, and we want them to have fun. We're not saying that you can't have a party," said Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace.

"When we're dealing with prom, graduation, end of year parties, it always lends itself to underage drinking," said Kim Simmons, Director of Prevention at ADAC.

That is something Trinity County authorities said they have zero tolerance for. They made it known via Facebook to thousands of followers.

"Complaints had come in, and we put the warning on Facebook. It went wild. People were sharing and talking about it," Wallace said.

"This is serious and we will do our job in protecting these kids," the post read.

"We would make arrests accordingly if these kids were out driving drunk, or if we were to have parents providing kids with alcohol, which is a class a misdemeanor," Wallace said.

Wallace made a point to mention the consequences for adults bringing the booze to the bash.

"What we've seen statistically is that all that sets up for kids is, 'it's okay to use' so they're more likely to use away from parents," Simmons said.

"People think that they can just keep kids at their house and that makes it safe. Well, that doesn't make it safe," Wallace said.

Most parents took to the post to thank law enforcement for shedding light on an important issue. ADAC has tips for safe farewell parties that end without incident.

"Make sure you know where your kids are going. Make sure they're not going to a party where alcohol is offered, and make sure that you're not that person that's hiring and providing alcohol to underage people," Simmons said.

She also suggested that parents develop a code word or phrase with their children. If the environment changes or becomes uncomfortable, the child may send the message without everyone around knowing.

Wallace said the charge for parents or adults supplying alcohol to underage children is punishable with jail time.

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