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Longtime Lufkin ISD band director plays final note before retirement

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

The sweet sounds of history are courtesy of Lufkin High School’s ‘Symphonic Band’ and the man behind the music is Scott Williams.

“There are no rules to band directing. I mean there are, but they’re not written down. Do this, this and this and you’re going to have a 1st division band,” said Scott Williams, director of bands, Lufkin ISD.  

So for the most part, he made it all up along the way. It’s a journey which started over 35 years ago in Longview.

“Didn’t even think I was going to be a band director because back when we went to college, you could go to college, get your college degree and then get a job. A company would hire you and train you for whatever they wanted you to do,” Williams said.

That is until his former band director made him an offer he simply could not refuse.

“Hey, I’m moving to Longview, I’m going to be a band director. I couldn’t tell him no. How you do you tell your band director no, you’re not going to do something. So I became a band director,” Williams said.

That was at age 23. He’d continue to rise through the ranks eventually making his way to Lufkin in 2005. His walls now lined with trophies as proof of excellence. His satisfaction though, comes from somewhere else.  

“To see the band, to see the crowd stand up at the end and to know that you just had an effect on people, that’s important. That’s what this ‘Panther Nation’ is all about,” Williams said.

This band director, iconic in his own right, has overseen bands as they played for Presidents Reagan and Clinton.  A legacy the now 58 year old will soon leave behind with Monday’s concert serving as an official ‘See you later’.

“I’m still going to be a part of it. I’m still going to flip burgers or whatever, I’m just not going to get in the way. As Mr. Knight said, I’m going to be ‘Old What’s his name’ in two or three years,” Williams said.

Though, if Monday’s show of support is any indication, it’s a future he’ll won’t soon see.

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