Few Take Advantage Of Informative Program

Lee Tresner Retailer
Lee Tresner Retailer

A disappointing turnout for "Methwatch Seminars" in Nacogdoches. Only two retailers showed up to learn how they can 'voluntarily' remove meth ingredients from store shelves.

They were few in number, but still "committed" to the effort. Lee Tresner operates a convenience store and pizza parlor in Appleby. He said, "It's the responsibility of all personnel to do whatever they can to stop this growing hazard here in East Texas."

Tresner watched a Powerpoint presentation that explained how meth is made from many of the items sold in convenience and grocery stores. He also learned the "red flags" to look for when a meth producer comes into a store. He was given a packet of flyers, posters, and stickers that he can display to customers that his store is taking an active role in "Methwatch".

Seminars were held three times during the day to accommodate work schedules, but still attendance was poor.

Organizers say they'll try again to get the word out to retailers. Information will be given to patrol units so police can hand out the material at the workplace.

If "Texas Methwatch" is successful in East Texas, the program launched by Governor Rick Perry will go statewide.