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04/13/05 - Huntington

Bomb Scare At Huntington High School

Paul Jackson Lufkin Police Department K-9 Unit Paul Jackson Lufkin Police Department K-9 Unit

by Jessica Cervantez

It all started Tuesday morning at Huntington High School when a janitor saw a device that looked like a bomb. School was eventually dismissed for the day while authorities investigated. The scare turned out to be a false alarm.

Sherry Connell, a concerned parent, said, "It's horrible, I just don't know what's going on anymore. I mean you're worried about your children going to school. This is ridiculous."

Huntington parents rushed to pick up their children from school, after receiving phone calls about the bomb scare.

Ryan McConnel, a tenth grader, said, "They found some device ticking and they went ahead and evacuated the school."

Students were evacuated to the football fields, after a janitor found a suspicious device in the high school band hall. Only their parents could pick them up, as the K-9 unit was called in to check things out.

Paul Jackson, of the Lufkin police department with the K-9 unit, said, "We swept the entire high school campus. He worked well, and we didn't find anything hazardous."

The chief of police said part of the band hall wall had been knocked in and someone had placed a tempo inside the wall. That is an instrument used in band that looks similar to a calculator. The janitor notified school administrators after noticing the device's flashing numbers, and heard it making a beeping noise.

If the ongoing investigation discovers a student caused all this commotion, criminal charges could be filed. That student could also be expelled.

If the school day needs to be made up it will most likely happen on a Saturday since the end of the school year is so close.

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