Diboll ISD superintendent announces resignation, plans to take Moody ISD job

Diboll ISD superintendent announces resignation, plans to take Moody ISD job

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Longtime Diboll ISD Superintendent Gary Martel announced Thursday morning that he was resigning, so he can take a job as the superintendent for the Moody ISD.

Martel explained to the faculty and staff of Diboll ISD that he and his wife made the decision because they want to be closer to their first grandchild.

"Over the years, I have been asked if would ever leave Diboll, and nothing has ever made us think we needed to leave this great place where we have worked and lived for over 17 years," Martel said in a statement he gave to the Diboll ISD staff. "We have made lifelong friends, graduated one of our two daughters, and been a part of countless young people's lives. We loved it so much we came back a second time in 2006 after being gone six years."

Martel said although he originally said he would retire in Diboll, he told the people of Diboll that "our plans are insignificant alongside God's plans." He said that he his wife would consider their options if things changed.

"On the morning of May 4, 2016 things changed," Martel said. "They changed in the form of a 7lb 15oz baby boy named Luke Daniel Mary who was born to Kayla & Adam Mary of Hewitt, Texas."

Martel said he and wife realized that another chapter had started in their lives. He said the felt the need to follow their hearts and God's will.

"Things happen for a reason and when they line up the way some of this did then I know the one with the 'master plan' is involved," Martel said. "In late March, prior to Luke being born, I was approached by a superintendent search firm about a superintendent opening in the Waco area. The search firm asked if I would at least consider it because they knew my daughter was due in the next few months and it may be something of interest."

Martel said he and his wife prayed about the decision and discussed the various pros and cons. He said they eventually decided to at least send in the required documents to see if the "door would even open."

The door started to open on the evening that Martel's grandson was born, he said.

Martel said he got a cell phone message saying that he had been named as one of the six finalists for the Moody ISD superintendent position. The next morning, they called to set up an interview, and Martel immediately told Trey Wilkerson, the president of the Diboll School Board his plans.

"I wanted to make sure they knew it was not anything to with Diboll and all about timing," Martel said. "He was very supportive and understanding and said he felt the board would definitely understand why I was considering this opportunity."

Martel said he interviewed with the Moody ISD Board on May 10. He said after the interview wrapped up, he was about 10 minutes down the road when they called and asked for a final interview.

On Wednesday, Martel and his wife met with the Moody ISD Board to discuss the superintendent job. At that night's meeting, the board named Martel the lone finalist for the position.

"We have agree to take the Moody ISD position and work as hard for that district as we have for the others where we have served," Martel said. "Part of the superintendent process requires a 21-day period before we are officially hired in Moody."

Martel said he will work with the Diboll ISD Board and the district's leadership to make the transition as smooth as possible.

"As I have stated numerous times, Susie and I love Diboll and the community," Martel said. "We have always had the intentions of living and retiring here. I know the staff here will agree I have always told them to put family first, and I, too, must do so."

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