Public Forum On Unit Roads Held In Lufkin

Unit roads was the hot topic at a forum in Lufkin Tuesday night. Angelina County leaders and the public had their say on the issue.

Under a unit road system, the maintenance of county roads would fall under one person instead of the current county commissioners.

Angelina county commissioner Rick Harrison opposes the system. He says for it to get done, taxes would have to be raised.

"We'll keep harping on this because we don't have the money, and the only way to get that money is to raise ad velorum taxes."

But, commissioner Robert Loggins believes road quality would improve greatly under the unit road system.

"We could consolidate our crews, we'd have specialized crews, and we'd go out and tear roads up and rebuild them, and build them like they should be built."

The decision about going to a unit road system will be voted on in next month's city election.