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Two Lufkin physicians team up for successful brand-new cardiovascular procedure

(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff)

A Lufkin man who underwent aortic aneurysm repair is right back at work Monday. That's thanks to two Lufkin physicians teaming up to perform a less traumatic procedure with brand-new technology. It was only the fifth procedure of its kind in the entire state.   

Budd is back at work just days shy of two Lufkin doctors completing a procedure on him using cutting edge technology.  

"People like this are usually in giant hospitals that have big, big bankrolls, but this is here in the Pineywoods," said Budd Endersby, the first patient to undergo the new procedure in East Texas. 

"An aneurysm is a bulging or inappropriate enlargement of the walls of an artery," said Musa Khan, M.D., Interventional Cardiologist.  

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon David Ladden and Interventional Cardiologist Musa Khan put their skills together to drastically repair Budd's aneurysm in a safer, less traumatic procedure. 

"Interventional Cardiologist are the ones who have the skill set for manipulating the catheters, balloons, and wires for an introvascular treatment," Khan said. 

"I bring more of the surgical aspect of the procedure," Ladden said. 

The physicians completed the procedure at CHI St.Luke's Health. The improvement of aneurysm before and after is evident on video of the procedure's results. Small incisions were used rather than open and invasive surgery. 

"I'm here. I’m working!" Endersby said. 

"I'm very honored to have done that. We had a patient and waited for the FDA approval," Ladden said. 

The stint connects modular grafts leaving one piece for smoother blood flow. The procedure took 90 minutes compared to older procedure's 5-7 hours. 

"Knowing this was new technology and one of the first ones implanted in the country, we were thrilled that the technology does work and makes it easier for our patients," Ladden said. 

The passionate physicians were pleased. It is the only procedure done in Texas outside of major cities like Houston or Dallas.   

"It resulted in a very beautiful outcome. It was very elegant and satisfying professionally," Khan said. 

Most importantly, it's satisfying to the man who hasn't missed a beat. 

"We are so fortunate in East Texas to have two doctors like this," Endersby said. 

 Endersby said he didn't mind being the first in East Texas to receive the novel surgery. As he worked in his shop with ease after surgery, he said he trusts his doctors. "If you don't trust yours, you need a new one!"

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