A New Kit To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence

by Jessica Cervantez

Millions of women are victims of domestic violence. It continues to be a growing problem in Texas. That is why employees of the Women's Shelter of Deep East Texas are excited about a new kit designed to help victims of domestic abuse get protective orders.

There is now an easy way to get protective orders in Texas, online. It is a process designed to protect victims of domestic violence.

LaTonia Sanders, the program director of the Women's Shelter of Deep East Texas, said, "By having this common place we now ensure the victim that they don't have to stay in domestic violence due to being financially strapped, or fear there is no help out there."

Normally, it can cost a person $1,500 to get a protective order. Not only is this option free, but the step by step instructions are easy to follow. The orders give victims protection for 14 days before they go before a judge.

Sanders said, "Once a protective order application is complete you submit it to a county attorney's office so you can go before a judge...so that legal matters are taken care of."

The program director for the women's shelter knows, it takes everything for victims to walk through their doors. This gives those victims another option.

Sanders said, "The numbers are rising in the state and we are aware, and at the same time we are taking the kit as a tool to become proactive to ensure life."

The kits are now available online at www.oag.state.tx.us They should also be available at shelters, hospitals, libraries, courts, and law enforcement agencies in just a few weeks.