Renewable Fuel Is On The Road In Nacogdoches

Renewable fuels may be the answer to those outrageous gasoline prices. "The proof is in the pudding. Willie is doing it right now and if Willie is doing it, you know the rest of East Texas can follow," said Mike Bishop, the Chief Operating Officer of, Bioenergy Resources.

Bishop speaks of Willie Nelson of course. The singer with social responsibility is Bishop's first customer when he starts producing biodiesel in Nacogdoches. Nelson owns Willie Nelson Biodiesel Company that produces a fuel called  'Biowillie'.

While on the side of Highway 59 South where the facility will be built Bishop points to the passing 18-wheelers. "This truck right here is probably paying $2.00 a gallon for diesel and I can tell you our cost to that guy will probably be around a dollar or less."

Renewable fuels are generated from a variety of agricultural products including corn, sugar cane and sunflowers. But Bioenergy Resources will begin with what can be found behind most any restaurant, barrels of nasty 'yellow grease' or restaurant grease.

Eventually wood waste from pine trees will also be brought to 6 acres on South Street where the first commercial biorefinery in the United States and the first ethanol plant in Texas will be built. The Nacogdoches facility will produce 2 million gallons per year of ethanol and 2 million gallons per year of biodiesel.

Biodiesel is used in diesel products. Most any car or truck on the road today can run on ethanol with little or no engine modification.

"We have another project that we've gotten funding on for the Northeast Texas area and that will be a larger facility and we will be able to saturate East Texas with renewable fuels," said Bishop.

With gas prices sky high Bishop is hopeful he and his boss, a Floridia entrepreneur, are starting their endeavor at the right time. According to a company press release, Bioenergy Resources is in the process of establishing a biorefinery in Southeast Texas and has entered into a joint venture with National Bio-Fuels of Rockwall, Texas to build the facility in Northeast Texas.

The firm has pending contracts with two Texas municipalities and one electric retailer to provide up to 55 megawatts of renewable power using biomass (wood waste).

Bioenergy Resources has its funding in place. Construction could begin next month with operation starting by this summer.