Faster Internet, Faster Illegal Downloads

Long gone are the days when dialup was king, welcome to the new age in technology.

Cable lines and high speed internet have become common, but that's still too slow for universities and corporations that need more speed for research. Many of those places are now using what's called Internet 2, and students are learning how to use Internet 2's speed to their advantage.

John Garner, the Network Administrator for Stephen F. Austin State University said, "it's fairly common for students to do file sharing by using a variety of programs."

Those programs look for a faster connection. If someone on the Internet 2 network has the file they're looking for, they can get it at lightning speed.

A 2 gigabyte card holds about 8 minutes of video. On internet two, you could send more than 5 times that per minute, and that's tempting for someone looking to download a movie.

Garner said, "any kind of file at all, some files can be compressed video such as movies or audio files or what have you. Or even interactive video can be going on at the same time."

The Recording Industry Association of America plans to start cracking down on people sharing over the Internet 2. On Wednesday alone, SFA received four notices from the recording industry, warning them some students are sharing copyrighted music.

Those students will be warned, but if the sharing continues, the students could face a lawsuit. Students who share these illegal files over SFA's system are easily found. Every time a student shares a file, it can easily be traced straight back to that student's computer.