Zavalla residents trapped after culverts washed out

Zavalla residents trapped after culverts washed out
(Source: KTRE staff)
(Source: KTRE staff)
Flat Bottom Road in Angelina County (Source: Bobby Cheshire)
Flat Bottom Road in Angelina County (Source: Bobby Cheshire)

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - The powerful rain in the last 24 hours caused some culverts in Zavalla to be washed out, leaving families trapped.

"Everything's flooded, there's no other way to put it," Zavalla Fire Chief, Thomas Blalock said.

Mother Nature showed her strength through powerful winds and hard hitting rain.

The storm so strong it left behind more than $75,000 worth of damage in Zavalla.

"It's a stressful situation for everybody involved," Angelina County Commissioner Precinct 4, Bobby Cheshire said.

From debris being thrown in the middle of the street, to culverts being blown out.

"The roads were flooded, they weren't able to get out," Blalock said.

"We've had crews working through the night last night until about 2:30 in the morning," Cheshire said.

The entrance and exit for residence who live on flat bottom road has been closed with a pink ribbon, and that's thanks to a culvert being washed away on Friday.

"We are able to pass over them until we get substantial amounts of rain like we've had in the pass twenty-four hours," Cheshire said.

A couple trapped on that road called in Zavalla volunteer fire department

"We sent our team out there and they were able to go in rescue the people and bring them out to safety," Blalock said.

Blalock said the residents were grateful.

"They were worried that someone wouldn't get to them," Blalock said. "It feels good to be able to help somebody, that's what we're here for."

Zavalla had two roads with culverts washed out, leaving behind dozens of residents.

Crews are scheduled to repair those culverts on Saturday.

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