Lufkin child battling aggressive form of pneumonia coming home given discharge date

Lufkin child battling aggressive form of pneumonia coming home given discharge date
Source: Amy Hebert
Source: Amy Hebert
Source: Amy Hebert
Source: Amy Hebert

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There is good news for a Lufkin child that has been in a Houston hospital since Spring Break.

On Monday, KTRE reported about Cody "Case" Holland and his battle with strep Pneumonia. On a community Facebook page, Case's mom, Amy Hebert announced that doctor's with Texas Children's have cleared the family to return to Lufkin to start out-patient therapy. According to the page, Case is set to be released on June 6.

"Case got a very serious and severe case of aggressive strep pneumonia," Hebert said. "It is a form of pneumonia  that eats lung tissue. The bacteria goes in and feeds on it. It basically took over his lungs. He had no function in his lungs at all."

Because of this, Case was put on life support and would lie motionless in a bed, while Amy looked on.

"His lungs couldn't hold air," Hebert said. "They were basically broken into a bunch of pieces. That is what the doctors told us. At that time I couldn't hold him. He was laying on a bed with all these machines going in him. They had him in a medically induced comma. They had him in a paralyzed state. He just laid on the bed for weeks."

At one point, it got bad enough that all hope seemed lost and the worst was expected. Hebert would not give up. She stayed by his side and has not left; praying every step of the way. Hebert started a community group on Facebook and pictures of her son along with his story started to travel around the world. Soon after that, prayers started coming in.

"It was not just here from our local community," Hebert said. "He has people that have been praying for him all over. Germany, Hawaii, Israel. We've had people contact us all around the world."

Case would begin to improve and then start to move around again. He was slowly taken off of all the pain medication he had received while in the comma. The life support machines were taken away and he is now outfitted with a trach. If you are in his hallway at the hospital, you may want to keep both eyes at full attention. Case has become good at riding the rehab bike down the hallway.

"He's living proof that there is power in prayer," Hebert said.

Even with all of the improvements, Hebert is still praying. Case could end up needing a lung transplant and has other medical bills.

"Because of the weekend and the holiday, there is not much the doctor can do but we have been told because of how strong he is getting, we might get to go on home and do rehab as an out-patient," Hebert said. "We are praying we get that good news this week."

Hebert is joined locally in those prayers. Monday night, employees at Marco's Pizza took time out of their day to pray for Case in front of their store.

"I just can't imagine the heartache and pain that his family has gone through during this time," Chasity Boatman said. "It's really a miracle. They didn't know if he was going to make it."

You can follow Case's journey here.

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