Jasper Co. residents still stranded after Neches River flooding

Jasper Co. residents still stranded after Neches River flooding
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

Heavy rainfall caused the Neches River to overflow into a community in Jasper, leaving dozens stranded and forced to take boats into the city.

“I’m sick of it,” flooded resident, Marion Davis said. “It seems like it’s happening too often.”

Jasper County has been officially declared a disaster.


“Everybody down here is more or less stranded, you got to go buy a boat to get out of here,” Davis said.

Residents on County Road 20 are experiencing another dose of flooding thanks to the Neches River overflow, which as they said, is bad for business.

“It sucks,” flooded resident, Herman Sheffield said. “We’ve got four kids and own and operated tree service. It’s miserable trying to get in and out of work.”


“It seems like overnight it came all over out here, I mean it came fast,” Davis said.

Although it doesn’t look like it, the flooding is just the least of their worries.

“Our worries is lake Sam Rayburn, because they can’t generate that right now because of the lower Neches,” Sheffield said. “If the Rayburn is going to come to a point when they have to start releasing and when it does it could be bad for all of us.”

“We have to get out, but I don’t want to leave my place because normally they will come in and start taking things,” Davis said.

The road turned river has washed in some unlikely creatures.

“Be aware of the alligators, snakes and all the varmints,” Sheffield said. “Keep watch on your animals. Especially if they’re out there barking, because gators love barking dogs.”

Through this stormy time, this community sticks together to help those stranded.

“An in-house patient needed to get out and we pulled a bunch of strings and everybody got together with us, the game wardens, and Jasper police department,” Sheffield. “We’re river rats, we live on the river, we’re prone to flooding, and this is our community.”

Jasper County Emergency management said the Neches River hasn’t reached crest just yet.

They expect water levels to reach 57 feet by Saturday. On Thursday, the river was at 54 feet deep.

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