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04/14/05 - Nacogdoches

New Parking Garage Comes With A Cost

by Chris Cato

There's a lot of construction going on at SFA. One of the biggest projects now in progress is a new University Center and a multi-story parking garage sitting next to it.

John Rulfs, Director of the SFA Physical Plant, said, "it will be virtually for anyone that wants to park there. The lot will be set in there as a pay for parking lot."

That means if you want to park there, you will have to pay somewhere between $5 and $8 a day. Some students we spoke with had no idea they would have to pay extra to park.

Many of them thought the new addition would just mean extra spaces for people with parking permits. Many quickly changed their thoughts about the garage after hearing the specifics.

Jacob Baber, an SFA student said, "that's not such a great idea actually, cause the commuters are not gonna pay 8 or 5 bucks and then they're gonna park in our spots, the people that live in the dorms."

But not all students agree. Some believe the money spent on parking fees outweighs what they would pay in parking tickets.

Texas Reardon, another SFA student said, "it'd be better to pay 5, 6 dollars a day than parking illegally and having to pay 35 dollars or more."

More meaning the hundreds of dollars some students rack up in parking fines each year. But the garage isn't the only new construction going on. There's also a plan in the works to demolish a section of Alumni Drive near the new University Center to create a park for students. SFA says the idea behind it is to create a walkway for students between the University Center and their classes, so the students don't have to watch for cars.

The parking garage is expected to be completed by July. There is no set date that we know of for the Alumni Drive construction.

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