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Kurth Memorial Library makes summer reading fun


Lufkin’s Kurth Memorial Library kicked off their annual summer reading program Monday, but it’s not too late for your child to get involved.

“Well first of all, it’s free for everyone,” said Lorraine Samoniole, the director of the Kurth Memorial Library, “and we also do events for the adults so there is something for everyone.”

Children of all ages are welcome, and parents can ensure that despite the advent of technology, Kurth Memorial’s summer program will keep their children learning without their cell phones.

“Just knowing it’s something fun that’s not electronics. There’s nothing wrong with technology, but there’s a time and place, and they don’t need to be on them all summer,” said Marlo Adjankara, the mother of a participant.

Children even agreed that staying active in their learning during the summer ensures they are prepared for the coming school year.

“I think everyone should read over the summer, so your brain can grow,” said Madyson Lewis, who is participating in the summer reading program.

The way the library keeps the program fun and competitive is by offering prizes when children meet their reading goals, no matter their age.

“He just turned 5, and it’s never too early,” Adjankara said.

The program is always looking for new ways to extend this resource to the Lufkin area, and this year they introduced their new bilingual content.

“Many people don’t know this,” said Cristina Rico, Kurth Memorial Library children’s assistant. "But this year we are offering special events and programs for the bilingual community.”

The different subjects integrated into the program include, science, culture, and much more, and when asked what the most rewarding part about the program is, Samoniole. “They’re happy, they are running around, and most importantly they are having fun."

Just because school’s over that doesn’t mean learning has to be. If you want to get your child involved in this year’s Kurth Memorial reading program, just visit www.kurthmemoriallibrary.com.

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