CPS reports 8-year-old involved in rope accident is on life support

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Child Protective Services spokeswoman says an 8-year-old girl involved in a rope accident Sunday has not died.

Shari Pulliam, a CPS spokeswoman, said Tuesday morning that the little girl has not been pronounced dead. Pulliam said the child is on life support, and a decision about whether or not to pull her off will be made later today.

Spokeswoman Patricia Miller said the child is a student at Raguet Elementary.

The child's aunt, Jayme Soto, said the girl's name is Addison Lay Perez.

The investigation indicates the child was playing with a rope and tied it to the stairwell. She became entangled in the rope and it went around her neck.

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