Houston County extends disaster declaration

Houston County extends disaster declaration

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Houston County Judge Erin Ford and commissioners agreed to extend the current disaster declaration for seven more days after a special called meeting Tuesday morning.

The area experienced flash flooding and had several roads wash out in the recent rains.

When you get that much rain at one time, it just starts to wash the roads out," said pct. 4 Commissioner Kennon Kellum.

As the rain continued through the morning, Emergency Management Coordinator Roger Dickey continued to take in reports of damage.

Right now, the areas totals are looking to come out around $2 million in damage to more than 800 miles of road.

"It may be weeks and weeks before some of these areas get dry enough to start working on them," Dickey said.

Kellum believes his totals are high for such a short rain fall.

"Probably we are going to end up around half a million dollars," Kellum said.

This is nothing new for the commissioner. This time last year he was repairing blown out culverts. County-wide, the cost of repairs last May reached nearly $10 million.

"We've got a few projects we haven't finished because of the weather," Kellum said.

The weather is not the only thing holding them back. The county has not received the money from FEMA they have applied for.

"FEMA is usually not a fast process when you get into those projects, but at least we know it is coming," Dickey said.

Kellum said he wont even be able to fully repair these project right now. He will have to patch it up and hope funding comes through.

"It's a real headache," Kellum said. "If we don't have the money to fix them then we are in trouble."

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