Diboll and Lufkin PD investigating string of counterfeit bill transactions

Diboll and Lufkin PD investigating string of counterfeit bill transactions

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin and Diboll Police Departments are investigating a string of counterfeit transactions that have been made around the county.

Authorities said it's possible that they're connected. Officials warn business employees to be cautious with $100 bills.

Angelina County authorities are looking into solving a case on cash.

"Patrol officers actually received two calls," said Feliciano Estrada, an investigator at Diboll Police Department.

Diboll officers got word that a suspect went into Church's Chicken and attempted to pass a fake $100 bill.

"They spotted the face bill and told them it was fake; they weren't going to cash it," Estrada said.

The suspect fled the scene when he realized the fake money wouldn't make it into the cash register. Other local businesses were not as privy to the problem.

"Later on that night, Dairy Queen noticed they had actually made a fake transaction of the bill," Estrada said.

Just down the road in Lufkin, a woman bought a $1 burrito with a $100 bill. Employees didn't notice until it was time for the bank drop. Estrada said more of the bogus bills could still be on the streets.

"It's very possible. As a matter of fact, Lufkin received a call yesterday, and I believe the county has also received a call," Estrada said.

The money being passed looks kind of legitimate except for the words on the front and back. It reads "for motion pictures only."  Estrada asked that businesses be cautious.

"Look very closely at the hundred dollar bills because that's what they are passing," Estrada said.

The charge for passing counterfeit bills is felony three forgery. Estrada said if there is a group of people passing these bills, the charge will be enhanced to organized criminal activity.

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