The Coalition looking to make Diboll smoke-free

The Coalition looking to make Diboll smoke-free
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - After successfully pushing for the city of Lufkin to become a smoke-free city, The Coalition is now setting their sights on Diboll.

The non-profit based out of Lufkin is made up of concerned citizens and parents that look to ways to keep youth in the communities of Angelina County free of alcohol and drug use. Right now, The Coalition is circulating a survey for people in the city limits of Diboll to get their opinion on the issue.

"We are really looking to the city of Diboll to see if the residents are ready for a smoke-free community," Sharon Kruk, tobacco prevention and control coordinator said. "The work is being done through our grant with the Department of Health and Human Services."

Kruk said the group put out the survey after talking to the Diboll City Manager, Gerry Boren. In April of 2013, Lufkin City Council approved a smoking ban after The Coalition started requesting it.

"Most people are glad we have that smoke-free ordinance," Kruk said. "I have spoke to several people that tell me they go to non smoke-free cities and they come back and say, 'I am glad that we have a smoke-free city.'"

Kruk said it will still take some time before any request is sent to city council but it would be similar to what Lufkin has in place.

"What we recommend is a comprehensive ordinance that include any public places," Kruk said. "That would be in public buildings, in parks, out in any public places. It would be 25 feet from the entrance to those public places."

Kruk said times are changing and they are trying to communicate that.

"Research is clear, second-hand smoke and first-hand smoke is deadly," Kruk said. "I think finally the tide is turning and people are learning smoking is bad for your health. ewe hope the people in Diboll realize it is not just bad for your health but for the people around you and we are wanting to protect the public areas for the greater good."

The survey can be found here.

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