Authorities Investigate Threatening Prank Call

"Somebody got a call [and was warned] it was in our best interest that we not be in the building," said Richard Jones.

That caller who made the threat against Adult Probation Department employees Friday said his name was "Roy."  His threat wasn't specific, but it was eery and threatening enough to take seriously.

Director Fred Rangel said, "He suggested that the building be evacuated immediately because he could not be responsible for what was going to take place, so we immediately evacuated all the staff and the offenders that we had in the building and called 911 from a cell phone."

Police don't know who the caller is, but he faces serious charges for causing such a disruption.

It's a "false report to a police officer," said Lt. Greg Denman.  "That's a filable charge that comes from making emergency units respond."

Nothing unusual was found during an extensive search of the probation office. Employees went back to work after a couple hours.

Employees had only been at work an hour-and-a-half when they got the call. They went back to work after the building was carefully searched by authorities.