Lufkin ISD gets $270K Pre-K grant, will move 9 kindergarten classes

Lufkin ISD gets $270K Pre-K grant, will move 9 kindergarten classes

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Thanks to a $270,000 grant, Lufkin ISD will be able to improve its 4K program.

As a result, there will be some district-wide changes. Garrett Primary will become the district's Pre-K 4 center, and nine kindergarten classes will be relocated to other LISD campuses. Four transitional bilingual classes will go back to Burley Primary, and the remainder of the classes will go to Kurth Primary, Trout Primary, and Herty Primary. Transportation will be provided.

"We are privileged to already have a full-day Pre-K4 program, and this grant will give us the opportunity to build on an already firm foundation," said Lynn Torres, the deputy superintendent of Lufkin ISD. "Having the 4K teachers all on one campus will allow us to streamline both professional development and data collection. The grant also ensures that the student-to-teacher ratio will be 11 students to 1 teacher resulting in all 21 classrooms having a teacher and instructional aide."

According to a press release, Lufkin ISD has been selected to take part in the High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant program established by House Bill 4. The district will receive the $270,000 grant in time for the 2016-17 school year.

"Garrett Primary will officially be the 4K Center for the District allowing all 4K students to be on one campus and for 4K teachers to collaborate more effectively," the press release stated. "Through the grant, the teachers will participate in required professional development through eCircle."

Normally, a child's eligibility for Lufkin ISD's 4 K program is determined by his or her income status, language proficiency, foster care, and military active service of the parent or parents. However, the good news is that LISD has gotten permission from the state to make Pre-K services available to non-qualifying students for a tuition of $300 a month.

"Research shows that early exposure to the school setting, reading and computation skills allows students to have an early launch to learning," Torres said. "We are fortunate at Lufkin ISD that our board and administration sees the benefit of early childhood education and makes sure that our staff and students are prepared to excel."

Anyone interested in applying for Lufkin ISD's 4K program should call (936) 630-4257.

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