Blueberry Festival of Quilts kicks off Friday

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Quilters have been busy over the last two years stitching up entries for the Blueberry Festival of Quilts.

The show comes around every other year to give the quilters time to create new entries.

There are more 130 entries for this year's Blueberry Festival of Quilts. Miniatures to large-pieced quilts are on display.

A certified Masterpiece quilt judge will have the tough job of selecting winners.

Quilter Kathy Oberste says she's attracted to quilting because of its art form.

"It's an art form that's been carried over from generation to generation," Oberste said. "And it's really evolved from the basic, very traditional quilts to art quilts like you see in the background here. A lot of modern quilts these days and it's just a spectrum from all over. Young people to old people. It just reaches every avenue of life, really."

Some lucky person will win this quilt being raffled off to support two Nacogdoches non-profits.

Quilters from all over East Texas are arriving in Nacogdoches to see the display going on at Fredonia Hill Baptist Church on South Street.

The quilt show starts Friday and runs through Saturday. Admission is $5.

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