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East Texas game wardens featured on new reality TV show

Source: Animal Planet Source: Animal Planet
Source: Animal Planet Source: Animal Planet
Source: Animal Planet Source: Animal Planet

Lone Star Law, the newest reality show in the lineup on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet channel, will have an East Texas feel to it.

The show features game wardens from across the state and gives viewers a glimpse into the life of a game warden. The show runs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. This week was the second week of the show and the first time viewers were given a look at the game wardens of the Pineywoods. The show was heavily edited to show the work of Ellis Powell and Morgan Inman. The two are stationed in Newton and Jasper County and were shown patrolling Lake Sam Rayburn as well as trying to crack down on illegal deer hunting.

"I watch reality TV and I wonder how legitimate it is and I can tell you on this show, what you see on Animal Planet is exactly how it happened," Powell said. "They don't fluff it up. They basically follow us around and show a day in our lives."

Powell said he believes viewers will be attracted to the show because of the same reason he became a game warden.

"One of the things that attracted me to the job was the diversity and the wide range of challenges we face," Powell said. "That is one of the challenges of the laws we enforce. We do enforce everything from wildlife laws to narcotics. We assist with local sheriffs. We do get a taste of everything everyday. You just never know."

Powell was raised in East Texas and never thought he would be put on a reality show. Powell said he is getting the occasional request for an autograph from his friends and fellow game wardens. Powell believes most of it is people trying to get a laugh out of him and he is going at it with a full smile.

"People have been ribbing me," Powell said. "My phone blew up from other game wardens teasing me, but next week there will be another set of characters on there and I can do that to them."

Powell said there is funny moments on the show but what he hopes people get the out of the show is the serious side of the job.

"I hope people see what it is that we do and the challenges we face," Powell said. "Historically we have not flown our own flag in disasters or other things we respond to. We like to be in the background. I think it is important for the public to know what we are out here doing."

Powell said he knows he and other East Texas game wardens will be on the show more through the season but he is not sure when it will happen.

"I can't tell you a specific number but I can tell you  it will be more than a few," Powell said.

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