Thief steals purse, honeymoon flight tickets, money from Nacogdoches newlyweds

Thief steals purse, honeymoon flight tickets, money from Nacogdoches newlyweds
Source: The Peppard's
Source: The Peppard's

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches High School sweethearts tied the knot at a ceremony at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center. As the couple drove off for their Hawaiian honeymoon, they realized something was missing.

It was a wedding out of a magazine with an unexpected twist.

"I hope you needed the money, and the least that were asking you can do is give us our id back so we can get on the plane and enjoy our honeymoon. please," said Tyler Peppard, the groom.

High school sweethearts and best friends Jackie and Tyler Peppard began their forever together with a ceremony after ten years of dating.

"Nothing on the wedding day. You hear something is going to go wrong. Nothing went wrong, it was perfect," Jackie said.

The newlyweds drove off into the sunset in a classic pickup. Shortly after, the Peppard's, would fall off of their cloud nine.

"When we got back to our car, we were looking for all of our personal belongings so we could go get some food," Tyler said.

The bride's purse was nowhere in sight.

"They had the keys, so we were locked out for an hour. All the photo IDs that we need to get on the plane were in the purse," Tyler said.

Their Hawaiian honeymoon was put on hold now that the plane tickets and IDs needed for the flight are stolen.

"In the purse was all of our honeymoon funds that people had given us and money to pay people and all of our gift cards," Jackie said.

It was the day of a lifetime, but their joy was jacked before they could even leave the wedding venue.

"It was just such a perfect day, and the fact that they stole that joy on a night that was about us and just so perfect," Jackie said. "That was really upsetting."

The bride and groom said they are grateful to have such supportive friends and family. They set the couple a gofundme account. It has raised over $2,500 in one night.

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