Trial for Lufkin man accused of shooting, killing wife in front of son gets under way

Trial for Lufkin man accused of shooting, killing wife in front of son gets under way
Joshua Ingram (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Joshua Ingram and his baby (Source: Facebook)
Joshua Ingram and his baby (Source: Facebook)
Jennifer Ingram (Source: Facebook)
Jennifer Ingram (Source: Facebook)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Warning: this story contains some graphic details that may be disturbing to some of our viewers.

The Joshua Ingram murder trial got underway Monday morning.

Joshua Ingram, 32, of Lufkin, is accused of shooting and killing his wife Jennifer in their home on Feb. 5,2015.

According to the arrest affidavit, the Lufkin Police Department got a 911 call from one of Ingram's relatives, who said that Joshua Ingram's mother had called him from California and said that her son had shot his wife and was going to shoot himself.

The relative also told the 911 dispatcher that Joshua Ingram's infant son was also at the residence in the 400 block of Cunningham. In addition, the relative told authorities that Joshua Ingram "was going to attempt to get into a lethal confrontation with law enforcement and may be armed with some form of long gun or automatic rifles."

In her opening statements state prosecutor April Perez said Jennifer was shot up and down her back.

"It is a tale as old as time," Perez said. "Their marriage was falling apart. Jennifer was going to leave him the next day."

Perez told the jurors that they will see pictures that are like nothing they have seen before and that she pleads with them to not look away.

Defense attorney Bill Agnew declined to make a statement.

The first witness for the trial was Josh's uncle Jimmie Runnels. Runnels said he got a call from a family member who was upset and asked him to call 911 to check on Joshua

"I called Josh, and he said, 'I made a mistake, I just shot my best friend," Runnels said.

Runnels added he heard there was an argument and she said he was a bad father.

In the 911 call, Runnels told dispatchers that Joshua Ingram had shot Jennifer and he was about to shoot himself.

Runnels told Agnew that he had only met Jennifer once. Runnels said that Josh was the main caregiver for their 4-month old son, Kash. Runnels told Agnew he thought Josh was agitated in his voice.

An oral transcript was then presented to the jury of Maryann Ingram, the mother of Joshua Ingram.

Maryann Ingram told the attorneys that in October Joshua Ingram called and asked if he could move in with his mom to get his life back together. Maryann Ingram noted that the two met at drug court. Maryann Ingram said she was only there for about a week because she had left because there was a warrant for her arrest.
The transcript continues that Maryann Ingram had to go out of town to California for work and she got a call from them, and they were having an argument. Maryann Ingram said that she first talked to Joshua Ingram, and then Jennifer, and Jennifer said she was worried because Joshua Ingram was drinking. The call ended and 10 minutes later when Joshua Ingram was able to get back to them, and Josh told her that he had killed Jennifer.

The transcript says that Maryann Ingram told Perez that after that night she talked to Josh again who said, "Mom, you don't know all the details." Maryann Ingram said the details didn't matter because Josh knew what he did and that what he did was murder Jennifer. Maryann Ingram said Josh asked about his son and that's when she hung up.

Maryann said that Jennifer seemed to want to get her life back together and raise Kash and make things right.

Nick Malone then told the jury about the police action in the case.

Malone said they were called out to a possible murder, and that they were to respond to the VFW about four blocks away that would be the command center. Malone said part of the team responded to the home on Cunningham, while the other part of the team watched the areas that led to the home in case Ingram came back.

Malone said they were forced to make entry because the house was locked. Malone said when they made it inside, part of the team found the body of Jennifer in a room on the right side of the house.

Malone said the child was found in the bedroom on Jennifer's bed. Malone said that they found shell casings in the home as well.

Stephen Boggs, an EMT with the city, said when he entered the house he saw Jennifer facing down in the bedroom. Boggs said when they hooked her up to an EKG machine, there were not vital signs.

Officer Brad Davis said he did not know what was going on until he got on scene after getting the message on his phone.

"We made entry to the bedroom, and the victim was on the floor, and the infant was on the bed screaming and crying," Davis said.

When asked about the condition of Jennifer, Davis said it was pretty obvious of her condition based on the multiple bullet wounds in her body. Davis said a SWAT member got the baby after they cleared the house and handed it off to a fireman.

Davis said he was in the team that was part of finding Ingram because they had word that Ingram was looking for a lethal confrontation. Davis said they were able to get a VIN number for Joshua Ingram's car and then were able to get cell phone information that they were able to ping and get a general area where the calls came from.

Davis said they were able to find Joshua Ingram's vehicle at Pal's Video. Davis said they could see Joshua Ingram standing at the counter when they drove by.

"We parked out of sight and rushed into the store and gave him commands," Davis said.

Davis said when they tried to handcuff Joshua Ingram, he started fighting and a Taser was used. Davis said a handgun was in the suspect's front hoodie pocket.

"He was trying to get his hands in there," Davis said.

Davis told Agnew Joshua Ingram had a deer-in-the-headlights look before he started fighting the officers. Davis agreed with Agnew that it was possible Joshua Ingram was looking for suicide by cop but he also agreed with Perez that he was looking to hurt officers as well.

Ryan Davis, an employee at Pal's Video talked about his interaction with Joshua Ingram. Davis said he first asked about tanning packages because he was going to set one up for a woman. Davis said he was pleasant but was aggravated that they couldn't set it up. Davis said he left and came back in five minutes and went to the ATM machine.

"I was on the phone, and I could see that he was mad," Davis said. "He wanted me to help him, and I went over to help him, and he didn't have any other problems."

Later on Davis said Joshua Ingram asked for a pen and paper. Davis said Ingram went outside and started writing on it.

Reading from the note Joshua Ingram left on the counter, Davis said, "I am truly sorry. I did not do this, Kash. I love your mom, and I will always love you. My past got the best of me. I. There is money left for you. I love you. I did not want them to hurt you."

Davis said although he could never see what Ingram wrote he tried to because he was worried based on how Ingram was acting. Davis said he thought it might have been some kind of suicide letter and he was trying to decide if he needed to call police.

Davis said when police eventually came in, Ingram on several occasions asked. "What did I do?" Davis told Agnew that he never felt threatened by him, and he seemed to just be hanging out. Davis said he was there anywhere between 50 minutes and an hour. Davis told Agnew he never felt that Ingram was impaired.

Juanita Strickland, an employee at Dairy Queen said she ran into Ingram that night. She said Ingram asked where the bathroom was, and he tried to give her money. She said Ingram told her he didn't want it or need it because he and his wife were getting divorced. She said he was acting strange like he was on drugs, and then he wouldn't accept the change back. She said her co-worker had to put the money in the bag for him.

Christy Pate, a crime scene technician, took the stand next. She said they recovered 13 shell casings from the Ingrams' home.

The state then played a video that detailed the crime step by step and showed the different types of documentation.

Pate said they found a beer bottle next to a man's wedding ring on the living room table.

The state also showed pictures of the crime scene that included the blood-spattered door near where Jennifer Ingram was found, a cell phone battery that looked as if it had been thrown, a light switch with blood spatters on it, and graphic pictures of the victim.

The pictures showed that Jennifer Graham was found lying on her front, and there were seven closely grouped bullet wounds in her back. In addition, several of her fingers had been blown off. When the victim's body was turned over, they also found bullet wounds up and down her neck and below her chin.

Pate also said they had the gun that was taken from Joshua Ingram at Pal's video and listed the clothing he was wearing that day.

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