Jury sees graphic photos of stabbing victim in Polk Co. murder trial

Jury sees graphic photos of stabbing victim in Polk Co. murder trial
Damarcus Jackson (Source: Kathlina Bean)
Damarcus Jackson (Source: Kathlina Bean)

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - During the murder trial of a Corrigan man who is accused of stabbing 21-year-old Damarcus Jackson to death in July of 2015 Tuesday, the state showed the jury graphic photos of the victim's stab wounds.

Steven White is on trial in Polk County on a murder charge. White turned himself in to authorities on July 20, 2015 after he and his attorney met with a Texas Ranger at a Livingston business.

Jackson was killed at 201 West 2nd Street in Corrigan on July 18. On Sunday, some of Jackson's family members said that White was abusing Jackson's cousin, TaiAnna Harrell. They said that Jackson forced his way into the home in an effort to help Harrell.

Prosecutor, Lee Hon, said that Jackson lost several liters of blood at the murder scene. The jurors also saw photo of the murder weapon stuck in the grass at the scene of the crime.

The defense attorney made the point that the locations of Jackson's wounds were consistent with a person that was possibly swinging his arms or involved in a fight.

Dr. Sarah Doyle said that she was not aware of the positioning of the two men while they were in the altercation.

"Damarcus was trying to break it up.  And in between that he ended up stabbing him in the chest.  They wrestled a little bit.  And that's how he stabbed him in the chest," Kathlina Bean, Jackson's mother said in July of 2015.

Trea Williams and Bean said the crime scene began at the home belonging to Ruth Graham, then spilled out from the carport onto Highway 287, which is also West 2nd Street, and over onto the grounds of the First United Methodist Church, where Jackson collapsed and died.

A toxicologist took the stand and said she reviewed autopsy reports to find if Jackson had liquor or substances in his system at the time of the confrontation.

She found that he tested positive for alcohol and methamphetamine, but also said that the levels were so low, she doubts the substances were enough to cause Jackson to act irrationally.

The defense attorney asked the toxicologist how the substances could affect a person who was naturally aggressive.

"I am not a behavioral scientist. I can't answer that. What is aggressive to you might be different from what is aggressive to me," said Fessessework Gurle, a Harris County expert.

White fled the scene after he allegedly stabbed Jackson multiple times.

Bean said her son's life had turned around.  He had recently started going to church regularly with his grandmother, started a new job with What-A-Burger and had a new fiancé.

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