Day 2 of Steven White trial: Texas Ranger testifies bystanders at stabbing scene 'amped up'

Day 2 of Steven White trial: Texas Ranger testifies bystanders at stabbing scene 'amped up'
Damarcus Jackson (Source: Kathlina Bean)
Damarcus Jackson (Source: Kathlina Bean)

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - During the second day of the trial for the Corrigan man who is accused of stabbing and killing Damarcus Jackson in July of 2015, a witness who was there when the alleged murder happened recounted what happened that morning.

Steven White is on trial in Polk County on a murder charge. Steven White turned himself in to authorities on July 20, 2015 after he and his attorney met with a Texas Ranger at a Livingston business.

Jackson was killed at 201 West 2nd Street in Corrigan on July 18. On Sunday, some of Jackson's family members said that White was abusing Jackson's cousin, TaiAnna Harrell. They said that Jackson forced his way into the home in an effort to help Harrell.

The woman said that everyone was having a good time that night before Steven White walked up. She also told prosecutor Lee Hon that the group was not in the wrong for drinking on private property that night because they were invited to do so.

She said that she never told the investigator that she was too drunk or tired to give Corrigan Police a statement.

Texas Ranger Ryan Clendennan took the stand next. He assisted the Corrigan Police Department in investigating the homicide on July 18th, 2015.

Clendennan said he put together a poster to relay relative points at the crime scene.

He said there were a number of bystanders at the scene when he arrived. He interviewed Trea Williams and several others. He said their demeanor was very hostile at the scene.

"They were very amped up, upset about the situation, and wanted the suspect in custody," Clendennan said.

Jackson's family members embraced one another as more photos of the crime scene were displayed.

Clendennan said several witnesses tried to perform CPR on Jackson at the scene of the homicide.

Clendennan said that no one but Steven White was in possession of a deadly weapon.

Defense attorney Dana Williams confirmed that Steven White later turned himself in without incident.

Michael White took the stand next. He is related to Steven White and said he is close to him. He said he never saw Steve White in possession of a knife the night of the incident.

Hon asked if he saw any blood on Steve White's clothing the day of the homicide. He said he only saw carpet burns on Steve White.

The witness got in a truck, took Steven White to Lufkin, and dropped him off at another relative's home. He told Hon that when he went back to Corrigan, he later told Corrigan Police he had no knowledge of Steven White's whereabouts.

"Why did you lie?" Hon asked.

"He is my family,"  Michael White said.

Michael White said he told Steven White that Jackson had died. He said Steven White started crying right there at the railroad tracks near where they were standing.

Michael White said he knew people in Jackson's family were looking for the defendant. He took it upon himself to help his family member by taking him to Lufkin.

Clendennan took the stand again. Photos of Steven White after he turned himself him revealed very few physical injuries of his body.

Clendennan pulled a pair of shorts out of evidence. He recovered them in a trail near the crime scene. He pulled a pocket inside out, and it was covered in blood.

He then showed the jury the knife suspected to be used in the homicide.

Jackson's mother took the stand next. Kathlina Bean said Jackson grew up in Corrigan and went to school there.

She said Jackson was protective of a family member he grew up with. Jackson had changed and was taking his life in a better direction, Bean said.

"He started going to church. He had gotten engaged," she said.

She began to cry as she spoke of her son.

She said a group including Jackson prepared for a party. She said it was enjoyable and she has good memories of Jackson at the party.

"We even got to dance a little bit," she said with a smile.

She said Jackson appeared to behave in his normal manner at the party.

As she left the party, Jackson told her to stay and keep partying. She told him to go home because it was late.

Jackson's mother said she was in the phone with her mother, Kathy Criswell, when one of her sons banged on Criswell's door saying that, "Steve stabbed Damarcus."

"Did Damarcus have hopes and dreams? Despite any mistakes he might have made in life, do you think he deserved this?" Hon asked.

"No," she said, crying.

Derrick White took the stand next. He is the defendant's cousin. He said he was assaulted and robbed by Jackson in 2012. He said Jackson was a violent person who claimed he was a fighter.

Derrick White said there was another incident. Derrick White said Jackson came up to a mailbox in Corrigan where he and more of his cousins were standing. He said Jackson was trying to fight.

Hon interviewed the witness. He pulled out documents that revealed the robbery case against Jackson was declined.

Hon also revealed that Jackson previously filed a report that Steven White had threatened to stab him. Hon said the reports show they found a knife in one of the men's vehicle.

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