Crockett PD drug raid results in 5 arrests, seizure of many drugs, cash

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Officers with the Crockett Police Department made a major drug bust when they served a search warrant on a night club Thursday night.

Five suspects were arrested on felony drug charges, and the Crockett Police Department seized a large amount of drugs including crack cocaine, powder cocaine, K2, marijuana, PCP, Xanax bars, Ecstasy-MDAC, Codeine syrup, Hydrocodone, Codeine pills, and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Owner, William Dewayne "Dirt Bag" Johnson, 44, of Crockett, Shvar Rashad Beasley, 30, of Crockett, Kenneth Wayne Griffin, 53, of Crockett, and Charles Ray Griffin, 57, of Crockett, was arrested for first-degree felony manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance between 4 and 400 grams, three counts of second-degree felony possession of a controlled substance between 4 and 400 grams, third-degree felony, state-jail felony possession of marijuana between 4 ounces and five pounds, and Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance less than 28 grams.

Residents said they use to go to the Hy-Top club for a goodtime on the weekends. However no, just like the community, it has been polluted with drugs.

"I was raised in this area, so the club is like a place where we all chilled on Friday and Saturday nights," Crockett resident, O.T. Harris said. "It was no harm back in the day, but now things have changed unfortunately."

"As a citizen of Crockett, I'm glad to see this happening, because the drugs have almost taken over," long time Crockett resident, Anthony Harris said.

Officials said Hy-Top was known for illegal activity, so it was time to take action.

"The community overall is a good community, but this club has been well known for a lot of drug activity, assaults, stabbings, shootings, and things of that nature here," Lieutenant Clayton Smith, with Crockett Sheriff's department said. "There is a lot of narcotic traffic here. Even some instances where drugs have been handed out to our local teenagers and our kids. That's something that we're not going to tolerate."

Residents said they hope others participating in acts like these take note.

"I was more relived because it was about time that something happen," Anthony said.

Beasley was also charged with third-degree tampering with physical evidence.

Jerry Jerone Warfield, 62, of Crockett, was charged with Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance less than 20 ounces.

According to a press release from the Crockett Police Department, CPD patrol officers and Special Response team members executed a search warrant on the Hy-Top Club located in the 800 block of Cottonwood Street at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday night.

"The search warrant was obtained during an investigation into the possession and distribution of illegal narcotics from that location," the press release stated. "It was reported to the Crockett Police Department on multiple occasions that illegal narcotics were being sold from that location on a daily basis."

Houston County EMS - Lifeguard and Houston County Air Rescue were also on scene during the execution of the search warrant in case some type of medical emergency occurred, the press release stated.

On Friday morning, the Crockett Police Department filed to seize the property on Cottonwood Street, along with the building that the Hy-Top Club is located in, according to the press release. CPD officers went out to the club Friday to board the building up and mark it as a seizure.

"The Crockett Police Department would like to thank the community for reporting illegal activity when they witness it taking place," the press release stated.

The press release encouraged people in the Crockett area to continue to report illegal drug activity. People who report this kind of illegal drug activity will remain anonymous.

"The Crockett Police Department wants you to know that we will not tolerate these drug dealers distributing illegal narcotics in our community and making these same illegal drugs available to our children," said Lt. Clayton Smith, a spokesman for the Crockett Police Department.

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