Nacogdoches dads double as co-workers

Nacogdoches dads double as co-workers
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - With Father's Day right around the corner, Nacogdoches children employed by their dads said everyday is Father's Day for them.

"It's the best part of getting to come back and work here," said Chris Meyers who just joined his dad in the SFASU athletic department.

Melissa Owens has worked for her father at locally owned Milford's Barber Shop for the last 24 years.

"I don't know where I would be without him, he's done so much for me," said Owens.

Hannah Perry Bjerch-Andresen went to Baylor for four years and returned to Nacogdoches to join the family business, she said there's never a dull moment in the office.

"Well it's nice to be back home and be around family and come into a place that's fun to be in and try to learn as much as I can-- and try not get fired by my dad," Bjerch-Andresen said.

Chris Meyers also returned from college this year and will join his father in the athletic department at SFASU as well as his brother on the football field. He said sometimes it does feel like home follows him to work,

"It's weird to be in a meeting with your head coach and have your dad stop by and say, 'hey remember to mow the lawn'," Meyers said.

For Jed Morgan, finding a place to work at just 16 could be a little difficult, but working for his dad at the snow cone stand is a guarantee he'll have a summer job,

"Not everyone gets to have the flexibility of working for your dad, and I'm very appreciative for this job," said Morgan.

With father's day right around the corner, no matter how much time they spend around their dads there's always something they'll be grateful for.

"He taught me to treat people the way I wanted to be treated, and how to be a good person," said Bjerch-Andresen

The Meyers brothers reflected on how their father always set an example worth looking up to.

"Just by showing me what hard work is and how to make something of yourself," said Tim Meyers.

His older brother Chris added he wouldn't be where he is today without their dad.

Of course the fathers that have the chance to be by their children's side each day couldn't be more thankful as well.

"You know I just get a different perspective than most dads, while they watch in the stands I get to be right here, it's really special," said Rob Meyers.

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