Jasper ISD superintendent announces plans to retire

Jasper ISD superintendent announces plans to retire

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - After the Jasper ISD School Board at the district's superintendent came to an agreement they both believe to be in their best interests, Dr. Richard Skuza announced his plans to retire at a meeting Monday.

According to a press release, the agreement will allow Skuza the ability to "pursue other interests" and allows the board to start the process of hiring another superintendent.

"On behalf of the entire district, the Board of Trustees expresses its sincere appreciation to Dr. Skuza for his efforts while serving as superintendent of this great district and its wonderful students, parents, and administrators, and for the many achievements and accomplishments of the entire district during Dr. Skuza's tenure as superintendent."

In the press release, Skuza thanked the past and present members of the Jasper ISD Board of Trustees for the opportunity to serve as the district's superintendent. He added that a school district can be measured by the commitment of its board, staff, and community to helping its children succeed.

"This district is indeed so committed," Skuza said.

Skuza also expressed his appreciation for the district's staff and the community for their support of Jasper ISD's programs during his time as superintendent.

"Success requires hard work dedication, leadership, and vision," the press release stated. "The Board and Dr. Skuza wish to acknowledge and recognize the teachers, principals, administrators, staff, students, parents, and patrons who have all contributed to the district's success. The Board extends its best wishes to Dr. Skuza in his future endeavors."

The press release stated that the Jasper ISD Board will start its search for a new superintendent as soon as possible.

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